Celebrate Qatar National Day

Celebrating Qatar National Day last two months is very memorable time for me. Actually, this is our first time we celebrate Qatar National Day other than our country, Malaysia. What I respect for this celebration is many tourist and expat of Qatar assemble in one place to celebrate national day of this rich country.

One week before the celebration, we have been informed all the itinerary and the event took place by updating from a few website such as Qatar Living, The Peninsula Qatar and Visit Qatar. These three websites and their facebook will inform any event happen in Qatar. So you can join any event that you want.


qatar national day
        Credit picture to The Peninsula Qatar


The theme of Qatar National Day 2017 is Promise of Prosperity and Glory.

Cultural and musical performances by eight Asian community which is Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian. Wow, Malaysian included in this performance. I am proud to be Malaysian.

On celebration day, we just walking to Corniche because our home is not far from the place of celebration. Many road closed because the national day so we feel safe when walking to Corniche.


Credit picture to Qatar Living
              Credit picture to Qatar Living



My husband did not miss worn the traditional clothing men, thobe and gutra.

My son and my husband was very happy to celebrate Qatar National Day 2017. We feel like we are a part of them in this celebration.


Pssstttt….. I want to give you tips for visiting Qatar. The best time to visit is 9th December because you can experience the celebration Qatar National Day. The main place they take for celebration is Corniche. More tips to visit Qatar is HERE




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