10 Reasons Why Travel Around The World Is Good For You

When you travel please keep on your mind that travel is not just your selfie and to show off your happiness but there are thousands of reasons behind traveling. Some of the people tell me that travel is wasting your money whilst you can invest in other things such as buying your dream house, giving the donation, buy your dream car and etc. Frankly speaking, I agree with their statement but everybody has their own bucket list and we must respect what other people love to do in their life. For you who love to travel, I have compiled 10 reasons why travel the world is good for you. If these reasons are similar with you, Wow you are a great person. If not, you can make these reasons as your strong why you travel around the world.

travel around the world

Travelling Help You Learn Who You are

Oh don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean when you are not traveling you do not know who you are but this makes you special when you are traveling, it will help you to learn more who you are. Sometimes, because of you are so busy with your daily life you forget about who you are actually. We need space to discover yourself. When you are traveling, indirectly you will boost your self-confidence and develop your skill.

Meaningful Relationship

Sharing travel experience with our love is such memorable moment. That travel could be parents and children, close friends, husband, and wife together on backpacking or renting homestay or villa. It will strengthen important bonds. Travel makes you away from your hustle and bustle life. You will more appreciate the meaningful relationship. I still remember when my family and I went traveling to Turkey, we met a romantic old age couple from Europe. They said they want to spend their life with the loved one by traveling around the world because when they were young they are too busy with their own lives and forget to appreciate this meaningful relationship.

Learn new Language

There’s something incredibly satisfying about being able to throw around a few words of Turkish, knowing how to say thanks in Japanese and say goodbye in Latin. Last week, I watch television about travel and health. This one girl able to speak more than 5 languages because when she travels she will learn the language of that countries and she got many offer job from many companies, just because she can speak 5 languages.

Learn New culture

Yes, it is not easy to step out from your comfort zone, in fact, it is pretty scary. At the same time, you will learn amazing things about the place you travel. It’ll be an exciting and thrilling experience that you will never forget. Experiencing new culture is like you step into the new world, you’re exposed new culture, new colors, new smells, new sounds and new people. If you are seriously want to learn a new culture, you can stay here because the host will help you to introduce you with their culture and you are able to choose the activity at that place like this picture.

Travelling Prove Dream Come True

Who has dream list? And one of your dream list or bucket list is traveling to somewhere you desire to visit? And the best things is your dream list was achieved. Wow!! I believe that’s the satisfying feeling you have and it is remarkable. Don’t forget to renew you bucket list every year so that you will more excited to achieve your dream.

Have Faith To God, our Creator

When you travel and sometimes you face some challenges along the journey such as you lost your way, missing flight, shortage of money, got robbed and etc. This time, it tests your faith to our God. Believe He will help you and make your journey become smoothly. I have faced the challenges when I solo travel to Bangkok. I have not enough money to survive for another two days in Bangkok. I feel so lost and do not know what to do. That time, I believe God will help me. Alhamdulillah, Allah sends me someone to help me and solve my problem. I feel so blessed.

You Will Make Friend In Every Country

Absolutely right. When you travel, you will make a friend in every country and you must be sociable with them. It is because they will help you to give the information you need and your travel will easier. Last 2 months, we went to Turkey and we met a couple with one kid at the museum. Luckily they are a very nice person and you know what until now we still contact each other. They lived in Cappadocia, one of the beautiful places in the world and having amazing hot air balloon. And they ask us so many times to come over and stay at their home. You can read here, our experience in Turkiye.

Refresh Your Mood and Relaxing

A restful vacation is refreshed your mood and renew yourself. According to research, 44 percent respondents named this as the reason they love to travel. What should you do when you travel? Nothing. just relax, Enjoy the nature, hear the lapping water and the warmth of the sun, along with the sounds of waves, recharge your batteries. Live day to day: focus on what you want to do, go sightseeing( if you go to the beach), hiking, and experience a new environment. Leave your job or whatever problem you face behind. Relax.

Enjoy the tasty food

Don’t be a surprise I have a few friends who want to travel to Thailand just because they want to eat spicy Tom Yam Kung and the yummy mango with sticky rice and also pad Thai. Even in Malaysia, there are so many Thai food restaurants but it still not same with traveling to that country. While enjoying the tasty food, you also can visit the beautiful place there. If you love Italian food, then why not you plan to travel to Italy. You can find suggested restaurant .


Before this, you celebrate your anniversary at the restaurant then why not this year you plan to celebrate at Paris. Romantic town. In Malay, we call it as ‘Kota Cinta’. The budget is depending on you either you want luxury travel or backpacking travel. Both are awesome. If you plan for your activity I suggest you can book here because we have already used their website and it is so amazing holiday in Dubai.



I hope these 10 reasons why travel is good for us will give strong why you need to travel. Remember, it is not just selfie but there are a thousand reasons why you need to travel.

Hey friend, could you share with us why you travel?  Maybe, you can inspire us to travel around the world.





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