Malaysian breakfast in Holiday Villa Qatar

Hi Malaysian Food Lover who stay in Qatar, I have good news for you! Do you know that Holiday Villa Qatar serve  Malaysian Breakfast? I believe most of you know Holiday Villa serve Malaysian breakfast such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken, and Beef Rendang, mee curry,lontong and kuih muih. And for those who still new and want to try Malaysian Food, you can come over to Holiday Villa and try this authentic Malaysian food.

The best part is Chef who cooked these dishes are from Malaysia. A few staff here also from Malaysia, so you can speak Malay with them. They are very nice persons.


malaysian breakfast in qatar

The list of food that available here.

holiday villa qatar

Here is the place where Malaysian can meet and know each other.

Rendang ayam dan Rendang daging are also available here. The taste is so delicious.


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There are a few kuih muih was served and you can choose your favorite ones.

Roti canai in the house.

He is one of the chefs in Holiday Villa who serve Malaysian breakfast every Friday and Saturday.

I hope this sharing will help you to find Malaysian Food in Qatar. Spend your morning weekend and meet another Malaysian here.

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