My Top 10 Favourite Hijab Style Traveller

Are you a traveller hijab? Do you care about the outfit of the day you travel? And now you are searching what hijab fashion style you want to wear for your next travel? If your answer is YES for this question, you are most welcome to read this entry post about my top 10 favourite hijab style traveller. This entry post will inspire you for outfit of the day when you go for travelling. But before that, you must know what kind of your travel you plan to go either luxury travel? Backpackers? Group travel? Adventurous travel? Business travel? You can read here to know details about the type of travelling.

Then, after you know what is your travel type , you can decide what kinds of outfit you want to wear. The outfit must suitable with the place, weather of the country, event and your style of course.

Here I have chosen my top 10 favourite hijab style traveller and all of the looks is unique and showcase individual style.

hijab traveller fashion

My first one is Caza style. I love how she combines soft colour of her pleated skirt with white blouse. It looks like she really enjoy the romantic moment in front of Eiffel tower. The floral sneakers makes her feel comfy and versatile. You can find her in instagram @cazasyazaluna

For your information, sneakers are great at complementing any outfit for every body shape or even age. Sneakers are reliable, practical and look great, all at the same time. Me as well wear sneakers when i go to travel.

Simple and easy peasy fashion is the best for hijab backpackers as long as the outfit follow syarie  Islam. These combo colourful outfit make her stand out of the nature. Yes, she also wear sneakers for this adventurous travel. You can find her @syaza_wenniey

I love to see her because she dressed with flair and adds playful details like floral prints hijab. Wearing black jacket, she looks more elegant.


While others so busy with fashionable looks but this girl wear the traditional of the country she travel which is India. Because of love, Taj Mahal was build. I love how she express her respect to this country by wearing the traditional apparel but she still stand out for hijab wear. She inspired us to wear whatever traditional apparel but we still can match with our hijab. You can find her @norsuzanalot


Wearing Saloma blouse with printed skants make her chic and relaxing. She team them up with a large straw hat over her printed hijab. This style also suitable for beach vacation. You can find her @ohmyclozet

Actually, to become fashionable and looks elegant while you enter the nature is quite challenging but she successful to make it happen. She looks easy going and chic vibes. You can find her @anasyana_ku

When winter is coming, it is the best time for you to looks more eye-catching and stylish. I love her outfit with knee-high boot. She looks confident with her self and stand out in the Venice town. You can find her @nurnanish

Who doesn’t know Vivvy Yusuf, the famous fashion icon in Malaysia. She owned Fashion Valet and Prouduck. Her style looks very stylish and elegance. Her outfits are suitable for business travel and moreover she always travel oversea for business trip. You can find her @viviyyusof

If you always go business trip, I recommend to follow her in instagram to inspire your outfit of the day. So you can looks classy and eclectic style.

Sleeveless long dress combine with black jacket make her looks feminine vibes and cool.


backpacker to turkey

The time I went to Turkey is Eid Al Adha, so I decided to wear baju kurung mini to celebrate eidh al Adha here. I feel so excited to present myself as Malaysian and Melayu to this historical country. So, you also can wear the outfit of your traditional apparel when you travel oversea.


Nowadays, hijab fashion for traveller become exploded. They love travel and they love hijab fashionable and stylish. In this entry post I share with you outfit inspiration and ideas for you to plan your outfit for your next travel. I believe as a woman, you will care about your appearance.

Looks gorgeous and elegance is the dream for every woman. So don’t limit yourself to become fashionable and stylish while you are travelling.

If you are hunting more about outfit trend, you can check this website.

If you have any ideas and inspiration for hijab style traveller, welcome to share with me and readers in the comment.



31 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favourite Hijab Style Traveller”

  1. I like simple. perfect cover aurat.
    hijabs tak perlu iron hi hi hi…
    easy to manage because most of the time, aida travel with kids.
    tak byk pin cucuk sana sini, brooch yg selamat di pakai.
    tq for sharing ni lisaa. perfect guidance utk hijabis 🙂

  2. suka tengok fashion hijabista ni..macam2 style ada..janji pemakai selesa dan nampak fresh. Skrg ni kan mcm2 fesyen hijabista boleh tgok kat social media especially kat IG lah kan..teringin jugak lah nak berstailo mcm lisaa..hihi

  3. Satu lagi, faa firds. Suka gila tengok fesyen dia. And, Vivy always my top favourite hijab traveller . Yang lain tu first time dengar nama dorang,hehe… Apapun, onie pun suka travel tapi jenis yg berpakaian simple sbb malas nak bawak banyak2 pakaian. Tapi demi gambar yg cantik why not kan..hehe

  4. Ada beberapa dari list ni memang saya follow. Cantik dan pandai dorang ni berfashion walaupun tengah travel. Mesti ramai wanita yang nak follow macam dorang ni kan

  5. Alahaiii… cantiknya diorang tu. Saya kalau travel selalunya cari baju yang tak payah gosok.. haha. Bukan apa, takut tak jumpa iron.. hehe.. apapun memang suka tengok hijabnistar bila pergi travel. maintain cantik di mana sahaja…

  6. Semuanya cantik-cantik. Apa yang penting semua gaya tu mestilah selesa dan patuh syariah kan. Bagi yang dah bergelar mak orang ni semuanya kena simple dan tudung tu kalau boleh sarung je huhu.

  7. Semuanya cantik cantik dan stylo.suka tgk org bergaya terutama hijabista.walaupun berhijab,fesyen diorang up to date.tgk org pakai nampak cantik.bila sendiri nak try rasa x cantik. Hahaha

  8. Huu.. Siapa kata bertudung tak boleh ber fashion ? boleh je kan.. nampak cantik dan lawa-lawa je style serta gaya hijabista diatas.. berkenan pulak TB nak bergaya macam mereka..

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